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Recruitment and growth challenges for Fintechs

Hiring the right people in the UK, Scandinavia or North America can be a challenge for Fintech companies. Indeed, top talents come with high salaries, they do not always have prior experience in the financial industry, the recruitment process is lengthy, and attrition can be a problem. While Fintech companies foresee a potential for rapid growth, recruitment challenges are slowing them down.


Over the years, Poland (and especially the city of Krakow) has become a popular nearshore destination for Fintechs wanting to set up their operations abroad.

Establishing a subsidiary in Poland comes with a wealth of benefits allowing you to accelerate your growth and meet your business objectives. Here are the top 3 benefits:

  • 1. Hire the best talents in IT. Tap into the IT talent pool in Krakow (including specialists and software developers with prior experience in Fintech companies)
  • 2. Deliver more, faster. Build a larger and more agile team, and take delivery to the next step with competitive salaries and top available talents
  • 3. Reduce R&D and operations costs. Save 45% on the costs of your office and operations management

Krakow attracts a considerable amount of domestic and foreign financial services companies (i.e. Revolut, UBS, HSBC, State Street, BBH). These companies hire both IT roles and non-IT roles (including financial, trading, marketing or customer-facing positions). As a result, Poland boasts a large talent pool where the BFSI sector (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) accounts for more than 45,000 of the overall 300,000+ jobs at business services centers in Poland.


MOTIFE is a leader in Krakow for supporting Fintech companies in their nearshoring strategy. We have helped 10+ customers with their subsidiaries in Poland and became their trusted local partner for everything related to setting up and running operations for their Polish entities, such as:

  • Offshoring / Nearshoring strategy
  • Staff augmentation / Outsourcing
  • Entity setup in Poland
  • Office setup in Poland 
  • Recruitment
  • Operations setup (HR, Finance, Admin)
  • Operations support (HR, Finance, Admin)
  • Legal representation
  • Advisory

We offer our customers end-to-end solutions, enriched by the experience of our team members and knowledge of the local market and vendors – and most importantly, services tailored to your needs.

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