What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a practice of hiring a workforce at a location that is in a different country or state, but remains relatively close. This proximity can be of various types including geographical, time zone, cultural, linguistic, geopolitical or even related to past historical connections.

Why nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a form of offshoring, but offers certain advantages over the latter. Why is proximity important? It is important as the distance makes communication and cooperation difficult. In other words, the smaller the distance, the easier it is to work together.

2 600 EUR
Average gross salary of a newly hired Java developer with 3+ years of experience in Kraków

These are very practical aspects of cooperation between dispersed groups. If people are in the different time zones and their shifts don’t overlap, each of the teams has to adjust their working time to be able to communicate with the other team.

If there is a significant cultural distance, the team members might face challenges understanding each other as their behavior can be easily misinterpreted. Same behaviors and reactions can have entirely different meanings in different cultures. Some differences can be subtle (like how eager people are to ask questions in the public) to more challenging (how people perceive time and how precisely they treat dates and hours)

If people leave in different geopolitical regions, the differences in laws, banking systems, business practices can be significant and can cause unpleasant surprises.

Poland as a nearshore location?

Poland has grown to become one of the most attractive nearshoring locations in Europe. Here are some of the primary characteristics of Poland as a destination for building offshore teams here:

  • Cultural proximity
  • English language proficiency (see English Proficinecy Index )
  • Competitive costs of salaries, office space and other overhead
  • EU compliant laws and regulations including tax and labor laws
  • Excellent engineering competency and talent pool (see developers ranking by country from Hackerrank.com)
  • IT ecosystem of small, medium and large firms both of Polish and foreign origin

Nearshoring solution

Your nearshoring solution will require an analysis of your needs and the feasibility study. The goal is to understand what are the benefits and opportunities as well what is the cost and potential challanges or problems.

Our role is to recruit an engineering team for you that you will be able to use to achieve long term benefits.

Nearshoring advisory and consulting

As part of our nearshoring offerring, we provide end-to-end service of building dedicated software engineering teams including creation of an offshoring strategy, hiring of top engineers, setting up office and managing operations. We help both start-ups and mature businesses that want to scale up their engineering teams.

Included services

The following services are included in this solution

Optional services

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