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Originally from Paris, France and co-author of the Krakow IT Market Report 2021, Nicolas Cormier is Marketing Lead at MOTIFE - a Kraków based IT advisory and consultancy firm.

Tax-Deductible Costs (TDC) in Poland for IT professionals: TDC explained with the 8 most frequently asked questions

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Managing IT teams in Poland? You may have heard the terms ”Tax-Deductible Costs” or ”Creative Tax” and its 50% deduction on earned income. But what exactly is it and how can you or your employees benefit from this regulation? We have It covered in this blog post along with the 8 most frequently asked questions. Read on to learn more.

What is Build Operate Transfer (BOT) in software engineering and when is this model useful?

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The Build Operate Transfer model (BOT) is a way to build an offshore software development team in collaboration with a local partner. The team is transferred from provider to parent entity when they are ready. Build Operate Transfer is used as an alternative to the expansion of existing in-house software teams or outsourcing to external development partners